Need Faster Internet!!

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Do more work, faster up/downloads, better broadcast quality.
No more interruptions streaming. Teach without having to
wait for pages to load!
5x - 1,000x Faster than ATT, TW... Learn more

About us

Need Faster Internet?

Our service allows employees and individuals be more productive by eliminating wait times associated with loading pages and waiting for down/uploads.

Our services

What we do is communications
we help You to
Your audience


Ultra High Speed Internet thru our fiber backbone

  • faster downloads
  • 5x - 1,000x Faster
  • Super fast uploads
  • faster page loads
  • streaming capabilities
  • eliminate phone bills


Watch all Your favorite channels, movies, shows and news online from anywhere on anything.

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Fiber High Speed Internet allows You to finally disconnect from Your old telephone company in peace.

  • 1 person office
  • 2-4 person office
  • 5 or more person office
  • ip pbx options available
  • conferencing ability
  • clear quality


Streaming events Live! through Your new fiber high speed line is easy. With the right equipment and software, You can create and broadcast Your own show live from Your location.

  • broadcast shows
  • watch movies
  • stream events
  • host shows
  • Social Media distribution capabilities
  • business branding

Work process

Step by step

If You are unsatisfied with Your internet speeds, waiste time on loading pages, downloads, sending files or require broadcast, videoconference or streaming capabilities, we get the job done for You. Better and Faster than the rest! From design and engineering thru implementation and configurations.

Step 1. Analisys

A brief site survey is done to determine the scope of work is necessary to provision our high speed fiber backbone to Your location.

Step 2. Creative concept

We determine based upon logistics and technology the best method of approach to provisions Your installation procedures.

Step 3. Quote

A tentative quote is prepared, discussed and forwarded to the customer.

Step 4. Installation

Upon acceptance of the Quote, an installation is scheduled and Your service is up in 1-3 days.

Our projects

We are the

Sometimes being smaller is better. We can move faster and are more at the disposal of the client. We are always here.

In many areas, our competitors cannot match our fiber internet speeds without charging unthinkable rates. Our speeds and rates are comparable to none. Keep Your team happy with fast internet!

How we work


Execution times between ordering service and completion of install is 1-3 days.






Stream and Broadcast Live!!! to the World.


What clients say

We'll let You be the Judge.



per month

  • Ultra high speed internet upwards to 150Mbps..
  • 5x - 100x faster uploads and downloads
  • Streaming without interruptions of freezing pages
  • 1 person phone setup capable (VOIP)
  • No more long distance calling bills


Half Vector

per month

  • Supersonic Fiber High Speed Internet
  • 5x - 500x faster than ATT, TW,.....

    upwards of 300-500Mbps

  • 2-4 Person Office phone capabilities (VOIP)

    Download and Upload files in seconds!!!
    No more freezing or waiting!

  • Videoconferencing, Streaming, Broadcast Live!


Full Vector

per month

  • Ultra Fiber High Speed Internet..

    upwards of 600-1,000Mbps
    (Gigabit speed)

  • 5x-1,000x faster than ATT, TW...
  • 5 or more person office 
  • Videoconferencing, Streaming, Broadcasting
  • Host and deliver media advertisement to customers

About us

Help make

Time is money. By cutting the time You spend waiting due to computer and network malperformance, You will have more time and energy to focus on new opportunities and let the world know about You and Your organization.

Building Computer networks since 1990

As a Satellite Communications Specialist, United States Air Force, Bill Blair, CEO/Sr RF Engineer, returned to the United States to build and operate computer networks for Security Pacific Bank, Northrop Grumann and various entertainment consorts.

Building Communications Networks since 2000

CEO/Sr RF Engineer, Bill Blair, expanding his ambitions in 2000, building upon the technologies he learned as a Satellite Communications Specialist, launched PortalVia, Inc., a Satellite and Wireless Internet Service Provider Corporation which changed the way communications is done now with its deployment strategy..

Building Converged Networks since 2003

Bill Blair, CEO/Sr RF Engineer, after building the backbone of the Internet Service Provider PortalVia, utilized his entertainment industry experience coupled with his communications expertise to develop the $6.4 Billion "Triple Play" (internet, tv and phone thru 1 system) patented utility currently being used by ATT, Spectrum (formerly TW), Charter, Comcast and various others.

Building Media Networks since 2010

Bill Blair received 2 provisional patents for the 5G Wireless T3iple Play in 2010 and has been credited with changing the "communications landscape" with his deployment strategies being implemented globally. At this time, after speaking with Hollywood executives, and the emergence of Netflx, Hulu.., Blair saw the writing on the wall that the old Hollywood business model was dead and dictated an overall re-engineering of the network backbone infrastructure. Thus he began building and designing Media Networks for private and commercial clients.

Our services

What we do?
We build the Fiber High Speed internet,
broadcast and communications Networks
in out sleep.




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